3 instruments, 3 ways of creating sound,

3 acoustic colours: that is TRIS.

Starting from three different instruments and three individual characters to build a pulsating though harmonic unity: that’s the art of chamber music. The “culinary” name of our ensemble thus is to focus on the extraordinary possibilities of this complement.

The conception of TRIS is variety, and the joy in discovering our greatest motivation. So we perform famous "classics" as well as many interesting and often unjustly forgotten pieces, which we regard worth being heard again. The list of composers rediscovered by TRIS for the public includes names as Leopold Spinner, Victor Urbancic, Josef Labor, Joachim Stutschewsky or Vally and Karl Weigl. Furthermore we appreciate Contemporary music, too. Well-known composers as Wolfram Wagner wrote new works for TRIS. Reference to the present age is one of the main intentions of TRIS.

We love to share our pleasure in music with our audience: so far TRIS performed successfully in Europe, Turkey, Iran and Jordan.

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Famous works and rarities, discoveries from the classical period to contemporary music and even more you can have with TRIS. Curious? Here you find our complete repertoire!

It's not our intention to bother you with cookie-cutter programs. No chance for indifference! TRIS offers you exciting concerts with thematic context and new perspective. In short: good music and entertainment on a high level. Let us surprise you, let us allure you!

Suggestions for programs for various occasions and topics you will find on our program list!


If you want to contact us, please use the adjoining form or send an email to: info(a)ensemble-tris.info or feel free to give us a call: +43 699 - 100 90 219.




Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud!