Tradition is the spread of Fire

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Concert at the Schönberg-house in Mödling

The term “school” is seldom more appropriate in music history than in the case of Schönberg and his group of associates. Members of this school did not belong merely because of their direct status as pupils, but rather due to their identification with the compositional ideals that link the composers whose works are performed this evening. Wellesz, Schmid, Spinner and Skalkottas also make obvious, how different the directions taken nevertheless may be.

This includes Beethoven as well – Viennese Classicism is the source from which the teaching of the Viennese School takes its inspiration. The “Gassenhauer-Trio” will be performed as a reference to Mödling, where Beethoven spent the summer months of 1818/19 not far from Schönberg’s House.

The concert will take place at September 28th at 7:30 pm at the Schönberg-house (Bernhardgasse 6, 2340 Mödling).

Come and listen!