erstellt am: 09.11.2020 | von: Gerhard Waiz | Kategorie(n): Uncategorized

Covid19 makes concert planning extremely difficult and unpredictable. Since the lockdown in March, we have not been able to play any concerts, and everything that was planned had to be cancelled, sometimes at short notice.

Unfortunately, our annual memorial concert in memory of the November pogroms, which should have taken place on 11th November, also fell victim to Covid19. Instead of the wonderful music of Robert Fürstenthal and Robert Kahn we want to remember in silence.

However, the concerts planned for December in Purkersdorf (11.12.) and Mödling (12.12.) are still on the agenda, and we very much hope that we will be allowed to play them! So please make a note of the dates and light one or the other candle…

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers, who are doing a truly great job and are fighting with endless commitment to ensure that the concerts can take place even under enormous difficulties. In those cases where it didn’t work out this year, we have already arranged alternative dates or received fees for cancelled concerts.

We wish that politicians and the general public would also appreciate this commitment and finally allow the cultural sector, where no cluster has yet been identified, to get back to work. But above all, we hope that this pandemic will soon be so far under control that we will no longer be dependent on the decisions of politicians with little cultural affinity.