To form an exciting yet harmonious unity out of three different instruments and three individual personalities: that is the art of chamber music. The “culinary” name of our ensemble already puts the focus on the extraordinary possibilities of this special instrumentation.

The repertoire of TRIS is also extraordinarily diverse and extensive. The three musicians like to break new ground away from conventional programmes. TRIS is known for its joy of discovery and, in addition to the famous “classics” such as Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, enjoys bringing rarely played, overlooked and forgotten music to the concert stage.

An important part of the concert activity is therefore naturally devoted to the commitment to the many composers ostracised and persecuted under National Socialism. Here the ensemble has collected a unique repertoire of fantastic music of great stylistic range, for example by Vally and Karl Weigl, Leopold Spinner, Hans Gál, Joachim Stutschewsky, Hans Winterberg and many others. And contemporary music is also close to TRIS’ heart, the reference to the present always a central aspect. Renowned Austrian composers such as Wolfram Wagner and Alexander Wagendristel have dedicated compositions to TRIS, which are prominently represented in the concert programmes.

We love to share our pleasure in music with our audience: so far TRIS performed successfully in Europe, Turkey, Iran and Jordan.

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